About Us   

Lead Nest is a multi-disciplined project management and economic development company. We provide consulting services for private, non-governmental and governmental organizations availing sustainable innovative solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.

In meeting our customer's expectation, we work strategically to form very close teams with our clients from the initiation stage. We bring together a synergy that displays our leadership skills, passion and drive to add value to projects by maximizing the performance of experts which is cost effective.
We have keen interest in the relationships we build with our clientele; trust and a positive atmosphere are critical factors for success in any work. We have never thought we cant, we have always thought we could. Doing well by doing good.

We make our clients challenges our own and hope in that process we share the passion we have for implementing projects, economic development, innovation and competitiveness. We want to see the change that results from assisting our clients in their challenging projects. We want to be rewarded by seeing that we have helped transform your ideas, service and business. We want to be responsible for the relationships we build with our customers, partners and community we work in. We want to position ourselves as the number one project and development consultancy company in Africa.

We believe that our customers have goals. we believe that they have the resources, intellectual capacity and internal motivation that will enable them to address even the most difficult issues. We believe that the quality of planning and execution determines the sustainability strategy of any project. We believe that sustainable economic development cannot be achieved without the improvement of quality of life and standard of living. We believe that innovation powered by creativity underlines our business approach. We believe in the mission we embark to reach your goal.

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