We take pride in our thorough understanding of the Project Management process. At Lead Nest, we place emphasis on developing strong communication links with all stakeholders, methodology, and client requirements. We control and coordinate all parties involved in the building process from inception of a project to its successful completion on time and within pre-determined budgets. For every project we:

  • Determine the right strategy in order to achieve your goals
  • Analyse, evaluate and manage the risks involved.
  • Plan and programme the project to ensure the key milestones are met.
  • Establish the overall budget through detailed cost planning.
  • Select the appropriate delivery method to best suit all project constraints.
  • Source, brief, commission on your behalf and coordinate all required specialist consultants.
  • Administer the contract, ensuring quality standards are achieved, budgets maintained & programs adhered to.
  • Maintain budgets through tight cost control, value management, innovative design solutions.

Local economic development activities are unique. The activities of business development, investment attraction, support to innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, regional marketing, technology transfer, commercialization, cluster and value network facilitation, etc. are vital for the future economic growth of territories.

Local economic development (LED) offers local government, the private and not-for-profit sectors, and local communities the opportunity to work together to improve the local economy.  It focuses on enhancing competitiveness, increasing sustainable growth and ensuring that growth is inclusive.  LED encompasses a range of disciplines including physical planning, economics and marketing.  It also incorporates many local government and private sector functions including environmental planning, business development, infrastructure provision, real estate development and finance. 

 Our focus on communities cannot be over emphasized especially on continually improving their investment climate and business enabling environment to enhance their competitiveness, retain jobs and improve incomes. Our approaches can be taken to include:

  • Ensuring that the local investment climate is functional for local businesses;
  • Supporting small and medium sized enterprises;
  • Encouraging the formation of new enterprises;
  • Attracting external investment (nationally and internationally);
  • Investing in physical (hard) infrastructure;
  • Investing in soft infrastructure (educational and workforce development, institutional support systems and regulatory issues);
  • Supporting the growth of particular clusters of businesses;
  • Targeting particular parts of the city for regeneration or growth (areas based initiatives);
  • Supporting informal and newly emerging businesses;
  • Targeting certain disadvantaged groups.
  • Developing empowerment programs and trainings.

Lead nest will provide you with the protection and consequent "comfort feeling" gained from knowing that your money has been invested in sound projects and is secured against completed work. Using our extensive industry experience, we will appraise and report on the following key areas:

  • The proposed development, its location, anticipated uses, standard of finishes and overall feasibility.
  • Estimated building costs, contract times and proposed building contract.
  • Project risks e.g., site conditions, delays, contract provisions, design, market conditions, inflation and the allowances included in the feasibility to cover such items.
  • Progress claims submitted by the builder/developer, assessment and appropriateness of variations, extensions of time and other claims.
  • Cost to complete.
  • Progress against programme, including a photographic record.
  • Status of authority approvals.
  • Quality of workmanship.
  • Pre and post test

Systematically applying behavioural science knowledge to bring about planned change with the objective of achieving high quality work-life, productivity, adaptability and effectiveness. Organisations can accomplish this by changing attitudes, behaviour, values, strategies and procedures so that the organization can adapt to competitive actions, technological advances and fast pace of change within the environment.
Our key service areas in Organization Development include the following management monitoring systems

  • Team building - It’s a profound fact that organizations that run as a team have archived more than organization that function as a group. The team Is made up of different people who work together with one common goal for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Having more team players in your company tend to be more profitable in the long run .Example: corporate games, team workshops, company retreat.
  • Employee Surveys: satisfaction, team evaluation, managers evaluation.

Through the expertise and dedication of our professionals, we have gained unique perspectives on the challenges faced by our clients. We use these perspectives not only to solve regulatory, web oriented and I.T problems but also to help our clients become more effective and productive. We and our clients recognize that the information required for effective business development also provides powerful insights about business that can drive enhanced performance.

We partner with you to solve problems in the following areas:

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